Thursday, June 08, 2006

Let Ming be Ming

Something else I wanted to say yesterday was that Sir Menzies Campbell has looked uncomfortable so far as Liberal Democrat leader because he has not been allowed to be himself.

It began during the leadership campaign, when he was ambushed into a commitment to give up his jag. As I said at the time:

The last thing Ming should do if he wins the leadership is sell his Jag.

I see it as central to what could be a very popular image. He would be the new Inspector Morse or the sort of dependable Scottish lawyer who was always played by Iain Cutherbertson.

This process continued through his performances at prime minister's questions. Obviously feeling he ought to, Ming concentrated on domestic matters and bombed each Wednesday. This week he changed tack, asked questions on foreign affairs and received much better notices.

One of the keys to being a successful political leader is to be comfortable in your skin. Whether we should have chosen a leader with Ming's particular combination of qualities is a good question. But the party did so and we must now make the most of that choice.

Let Ming be Ming, drive his jag and play to his strengths by concentrating on foreign policy.

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Joe Taylor said...

Is that a paraphrase of The West Wing, by any chance?