Saturday, September 05, 2009

The Digital Camera Diet

Since I posted my photograph of Market Harborough Congregational Church in May* I have lost a stone. Mostly this is due to eating less (an important medical discovery), but it is also because taking up photography again has encouraged me to get out and about more. (The photograph above was taken this afternoon at Aylestone, a village that has now become a southern suburb of Leicester.)

The moral is clear: if you want to lose weight, buy a digital camera.

* A couple of weeks ago I found a copy of Betjeman's First and Last Loves - the book referred to in that post and its comments - at a charity sale in Market Harborough. I suspect it is my original copy, bought in Rye in 1977, come back to me via a circuitous route of charity shops and jumble sales.


Tim (Kalyr) said...

Well, I spent a good part of this morning walking round Leicester to photograph the Bowstring Bridge.

Andrew Allison said...

I love photography and it is certainly worth getting out and about to take some wonderful pictures. One of the reasons I decided to lose some weight was seeing myself in a picture from our holiday a couple of weeks ago. This time the camera didn't lie!