Wednesday, September 07, 2005

My book chapter published

I have written a chapter ("Histories of child abuse") of the book Making and Breaking Children's Lives, which was published on Monday by PCCS Books. Here are some details:

Making and Breaking Children's Lives
Edited by Craig Newnes and Nick Radcliffe
ISBN 1 898059 70 5
Foreword by Oliver James

Making and Breaking Children’s Lives examines how children are hurt in modern society. We hear much about the effects of early abandonment, abuse and lack of attachment, but find that children’s experiences are sanitised through medical diagnoses and frequently the "help" offered is prescription drugs. Nowhere is this more evident than in the current trend to label children with ADHD.

In this challenging book a plurality of voices returns to one consistent theme – the importance of psychosocial context, which has become increasingly dismissed as being irrelevant in the rush to label and prescribe. However there is hope – the final section describes inspiring examples of how services and communities can be developed to give children and their families a chance to prosper – evidence that there is nothing inevitable about the breaking of children's lives.

More details here.

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