Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Johnny Vaughan: "I say, you chaps"

So there I was, checking the Wikipedia entry for Uppingham School (Lord Bonkers' Alma Mater), looking at the list of famous Old Boys. And most of the expected names were there:

Jon Agnew

Stephen Fry

Boris Karloff

Johnny Vaughan

Is this widely known? That Johnny Vaughan went to public school?

I am constantly amazed at the way that people feel obliged to pretend they are something they are not. Show business has more former public school boys covering up their background than even a New Labour cabinet.


Anonymous said...

He's also a convicted drugs dealer.

Jonathan said...

True, but he has never tried to hide that.

Anonymous said...

He has never tried to hide it, he used to talk about it all the time on Big Breakfast.

There is even a shot of him at Uppingham on that "before they were famous" show.

Anonymous said...

After attending Uppingham he later returned to Rutland to continue his education at one of Her Majesty's establishments.

wangdoodle said...

S Fry was also banged up, must be something they put in the water.

Anonymous said...

Despite his spell in prison, he did really good, i remember seeing him after school, he was just a bar man and he had the most gorgeous girlfriend called Trilbey, we couldn't believe he'd pulled her to be honest.He always seemed to be the sort of bloke that good things happened to...look at him now.

Anonymous said...

I remember Johnny Vaughan going out with Trilbey Gordon. I used to know them both actually, he was really a nice, funny bloke. She was a sexy girl that alot of blokes liked and I remember him being very in love with her.