Sunday, March 30, 2008

Kate Bush: The Man with the Child in his Eyes

Back in the 1970s a secondhand bookshop appeared in the back streets of Market Harborough and I got a Saturday job there when I was in the sixth form. There are worse ways of earning money than serving customers and cataloguing books.

The shop was run by a couple and the woman - now a Famous Author - bought Kate Bush's first LP The Kick Inside when it came out and played in continually while I worked there. If you hear a record that often you either love it or hate it, and I loved it.

Kate Bush was 19 when the LP came out, and she wrote and recorded "The Man with the Child in his Eyes" when she was only 16. I am not sure it is the best track on the album: try this demo version of the title track.

This LP is so laden with nostalgia for me that it is hard to judge the music objectively. Certainly, the range of literary reference in Kate Bush's lyrics were just the thing to appeal to a bookish teenager.

But looking at this video today, I wonder if there wasn't another reason why I was so keen on her.


Duncan Borrowman said...

I grew up near her. Remember bumping into her at a party when I was 16 and she would have been 18. She was telling people she was going to be famous. How true!
Saw her perform once on stage at a Peter Gabriel concert singing "Don't give up"

David said...

Your final comment on Kate Bush echoes Pamela Stephenson's Not the Nine O'Clock News parody -

Steven Edmondson said...

This might sound strange, but could we have more about Kate Bush please?

(Incidentally, it's her birthday today).