Friday, June 01, 2012

The Lib Dems should vote with Labour on Jeremy Hunt

Labour, says BBC News, is to force a Commons division on whether Jeremy Hunt broke the ministerial code.

The Liberal Democrats, of course, should vote with Labour on this.

If you want to know why, read Martin Bright on the Spectator Coffee House blog:
Has there ever been such a woeful performance at a public inquiry as Jeremy Hunt’s yesterday? There has rarely been a frontline politician as vain and primping as the Culture Secretary and it is hard to imagine one with so little self-knowledge.
It is now beyond question that Jeremy Hunt was batting for the Murdochs. The sight of an elected politician fawning to the hereditary heir to a billionaire media mogul is repellent enough
In keeping Jeremy Hunt in post, the Prime Minister has decided to back a man who used his young special adviser as a human shield, ratted on a Cabinet colleague when he was the victim of a newspaper sting and then has the audacity to represent himself as a man of principle.
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Dan Falchikov said...

I agree - Hunt is toast - regardless of support from the PM. Clegg needs to step up to the mark and call for his head too - as I argued back in April.

Nick said...

I agree, though sadly I'm sure the Parliamentary party will find some reason not to vote with Labour on this. Then we'll get lots of bluster about how Labour did bad things when they were in government which we'll be expected to accept as a valid reason for it.

Mark said...

It's also going to make David Cameron's appearance at Leveson very interesting...