Tuesday, July 31, 2012

White Grit Methodist Chapel for sale

A couple of years ago I wrote about White Grit, a former lead mining settlement which is off the Shrewsbury to Bishop's Castle road and just over the Welsh border:
There is a Methodist chapel in the village, and this was probably where most of the miners worshipped. So I suspect the Church presence here was in the nature of a mission - hence the economical iron church.
Time moves on.

The Tin Tabernacle was still holding services last time I was in White Grit (it is the same one you can glimpse at the start of the documentary about Ronnie Lane I blogged about recently), but the Methodist Chapel at White Grit has closed and is up for sale.

Halls of Bishop's Castle has the details of the property.

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Katrina Longly said...

Is this still for sale???