Friday, April 12, 2013

Independent notices the Lib Dems' strong performance in local by-elections

Chris Mead writes on the paper's website today:
No seats changed hands in the latest council by-elections but the Liberal Democrats had the strongest voting boost. 
They comfortably defended a Wigmore seat at Luton Borough and came from nowhere to take second place at Lascelles, Darlington. 
After a string of by-election gains since last November, the Lib Dems can face the 2 May 2 (sic) and unitary authority polls with greater confidence than in any main contests since they went into the Coalition.
But he goes on to point out that, because these seats were last contested in 2009 when an unpopular Labour government was still in power, the party still faces a loss of seats in May.

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Anonymous said...

fair point, but by-elections can bring workers in from elsewhere, not so easy with widespread election. Rise of UKIP will take votes from all parties inc LibDems........