Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Lord Bonkers' Diary: "I cannot tell a lie"

Early morning sees the Bonkers Hall Estate thronged with civil libertarians hunting for Clegg. Only a few hours later, they are joined by the students. I have to fire my twelve-bore when they threatened to walk on my cricket pitch, but otherwise I turn a blind eye to their depredations.

Out for a walk this afternoon, I find that they have cornered the very same Well-Behaved Orphan who took Clegg his supper yesterday. Naturally, I move in to rescue the little fellow, who has something of the young Christopher Robin about him.

“Now, my boy,” I ask him, “do you remember that the story I told you the other day? The one about George Washington and the cherry tree and about how a chap should always tell the truth No Matter What? Oh and here’s a shilling: I think sixpence was a bit mean, what with inflation and the price of gobstoppers.”

He assures me he does, and as I walk away I hear him lisping: “I cannot tell a lie: he is in the boathouse.”

Lord Bonkers was Liberal MP for Rutland South-West 1906-10.

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps your students and libertarians would have been better going to Leicester Magistrates Court rather than hanging around Bonkers Hall. If they need an education into how political trials are run perhaps a visit to Loughborough Magistrates court on 8 October at 10 am and then Leicester Magistrates Court on 14 October might be an idea for an outing. Funny how the press have been staying away. Is that because we no longer have a free press in Rutland Lord Bonkers? Only the Pravda of Rutland was present - pity the fourth estate can't be bothered to bear witness.