Tuesday, July 01, 2014

The former engine shed at Northampton Bridge Street

The site of the old level crossing on Bridge Street, Northampton, is still obvious: there are even rails left in the road. Back in 2012 I wrote of this spot:
Northampton Bridge Street station used to stand to the west of the road here. It was on the line to Peterborough. That line closed to passengers in 1964 and to through freight trains in 1972, but there were permanent way yards on either side of the road and various industrial sidings nearby. So, though crossing was clearly derelict when I visited on Tuesday, it seems the last train across Bridge Street ran as recently as 2006.
What I didn't know then is that the former engine shed at Bridge Street still stands. Disused Stations says of it:
A replacement 2-road shed was opened by the LNWR c.1855. It was enlarged by a 3 road front extension in 1870, only to be closed in 1881. It then became a carriage shed for many years and still stands today and is in use by engineers. This view is c.1996 and you can clearly see the two sections - so the rear bit is some 158 years old
The photograph above shows the old engine shed, and if you can see that there are still rails running past it. Until 2006 they carried trains over the canal and up to the remaining Northampton station.

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Anonymous said...

Hello, the shed you're referencing here is a Midland shed, built around the same time as St. John's street station (built c 1870). IIRC, it was designated as a sub-shed of Wellingborough.Later, it became home to a welding school before suffering an arson attack. It is now open to the elements.

The original LNWR shed stood west of bridge street crossing, close to the station (built c.1850). It later became a carriage shed after a larger shed ar Far cotton replaced it (c.1881).

Hope this helps.