Saturday, March 14, 2015

In which two of my photographs are used by BBC News

By one of those odd coincidences, on Thursday I received emails from two different parts of the BBC asking for permission to reproduce a photograph from this blog.

First East Midlands Today, our regional evening news programme, asked if they could use the photo I took of the pizzawomen who briefly invaded Market Harborough back in September 2010. It seems they have been banned from Nottingham by the city council.

You can find it, with a suitable credit, on the BBC News pages for Nottingham, and I am told it was also shown on Friday's East Midlands Today.

No money changed hands, but I did received a voucher for a free pizza from Domino's when I posted it back in 2010.

The second email was from BBC Radio Northampton, who were interested in my photos of the last days of operation of the town's Greyfriars bus station.

"The Mouth of Hell", as it was affectionately known, will be blown up tomorrow morning.

You can find one of those photos on the BBC News pages for Northampton.

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