Thursday, October 06, 2005

Leighton Andrews: The mystery solved

New light is cast on the strange transformation of Leighton Andrews AM "from Liberal thinker to cheerleader for Blair's authoritarians".

CymruMark observes:

Leighton Andrews on the other hand is a complete mystery to me. His splenetic rants in the Assembly debating chamber are the stuff of legend and there was a fine example in the budget debate the other day. Yet the Leighton Andrews I observed in the Liberal Party in the 80's was a very different character. Always associated with the ALC/Liberator self-appointed keepers of the radical flame element he was a fluent persuasive speaker with impeccable anti-authoritarian views.

It was astonishing to see him in Welsh Labour and his contributions to the assembly seem utterly at odds with his previously expressed opinions.

This is true, though if CymruMark is who I think he is he shouldn't be too sniffy about Liberator. I seem to recall commissioning him to write an article for it.

Anyway, he goes on to offer an explanation for Leighton's transformation:
One of the handful of Lib Dems who still speak to me was in Llandudno recently. Over a beer or two he concluded that the only explanation for Leighton Andrews was alien abduction. He had know Leighton well as a member of the Liberal Party and was convinced the two people could not be the same. Confronted with photographic evidence he suggested the real Leighton had been kidnapped by aliens. Who can argue with this?
Who indeed?

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cymrumark said...


Only just spotted this....I have just re-run the article about Leighton on my newer blogg that allows comments.

No you have never commissioned me to do anything for Liberator(at least not when I was sober enough to remember it) though I did have an article in it ...about five years ago!

All the best to Lord Bonkers when you see him....will he launch a leadership challenge in this dark hour?