Thursday, July 09, 2009

Stuart Syvret arrested and charged on Jersey

A democratically elected politician arrested and charged for something he wrote on his blog. Surely it could only happen in a tinpot dictatorship?

Not so. It happened on the "Crown Dependency" of Jersey today.

Senator Stuart Syvret wrote on his blog yesterday afternoon:
I have just learnt that I’m required at Police Headquarters at 5.00 pm this afternoon where I will be arrested and charged with supposed breaches of the Data Protection Law.

I don’t know if I’ll receive unconditional bail – if not, they’ll keep in the slammer overnight – if not longer.
As it turned out, Stuart was released and told to attend the Magistrate's Court on Thursday 16 July. Channelonline tv has interviews with him and his lawyer.

Crown Dependency? Maybe the Queen should pull the royal finger out and do something about what is happening in her name?


Anonymous said...

No - it happens in a lawful democracy. He broke the law, and what is more, admitted he was breaking the rules in his blog.

Anonymous said...

Double standards here in Jersey I am afraid. Another Senator, one of the Old Boys Network type also broke Data Protection Laws and got off scott free.

If your name is Stuart Syvret, they will do all in their power to keep you quiet and keep you down.

This Island is so corrupt it stinks. The worms are turning though.

Hywel said...

Regardless of the Jersey situation and whether Stuart should be prosecuted in this particular instance the principle:

"A democratically elected politician arrested and charged for something he wrote on his blog. Surely it could only happen in a tinpot dictatorship?"

Would mean that any Councillor or MP had complete legal immunity to write whatever they wanted, incitement to violence, threats, libel. That cannot be a valid position.

Linda Corby said...

It is disgusting, have put your link on my blog under 'interesting articles about Jersey' hope it helps to let people know what is going on in the island.

I am one of many people living in the island who is grossed out about the situation!

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