Thursday, August 05, 2010

Queen drummer Roger Taylor's first gig was organised by Truro Liberals

Or very nearly his first gig at least.

Trawling the net I came across the blog Queen in Cornwall, which tells us:
Prior to joining 'Smile' and forming 'Queen' Roger Taylor gigged all over Cornwall with his band 'The Reaction'. This blog is an attempt to document these musicians and concerts in preparation for an exhibition at the Royal Cornwall Museum...
One post on this blog is devoted to:
a do organised by the Liberal Association in the City Hall, 17th December, 1964. This was Roger Taylors first proper band and it is possible that this newspaper clipping from 24th December was the first time his musical efforts were ever recognised in the press.
The MC at this event? A young village postmaster by the name of David Penhaligon.

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Anonymous said...

David Penhaligon wasn't a village postmaster in 1964. He was a young engineer working for Holman Brothers in Camborne as a research and development engineer working on rock drilling.