Wednesday, April 13, 2011

David Jack was exonerated

The other day I revisited the case of David Jack, the former Liberal Democrat PPC Stoke-on-Trent North. You may recall that he was forced to stand down after claims were made that he had sent a racist email.

I had an interesting conversation with David this morning. He tells me that he was cleared by Bradford police last year after a 10-month investigation during which his computers were seized and his servers searched. It was carried out by Bradford police because the formal complaint against him was made from that city.

No evidence was found that the email in question came from his address. The original allegation was that he had sent it "from his Blackberry", but at the time he did not even own a Blackberry.

David was allowed to rejoin the Liberal Democrats last November.

He told me that he did not resign as PPC, as was reported at the time. That announcement was made from Cowley Street without his being consulted. He still awaits an apology from the party leadership.

Who did send the email?

It is probably no coincidence that Davd was involved at the time in exposing a number of dodgy finance companies. As I understand it they claimed to be able to get people's debts paid off by exploiting vaguely defined "loopholes" in credit law. However, those people were first asked to make a payment...

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