Tuesday, June 07, 2011

The School Prints

I was in the Goldmark Gallery in Uppingham on Saturday and rather fell in love with their School Prints series:
Towards the end of the Second World War Brenda Rawnsley and her husband Derek had the idea of bringing contemporary art to young children who would otherwise not have had the opportunity to see ‘good’ work. Within a few years Brenda had set up School Prints Ltd to sell original lithographs to schools and had commissioned several of the most important living artists for her scheme.

Brenda Rawnsley sought the advice and assistance of the art historian Herbert Read and between them they chose the artists. The printing was undertaken by the Baynard Press from stones or zinc plates drawn by the artists, who were asked to use no more than six colours. The prints, being original lithographs, were often the first real art seen by young people of that period and are typical of their time.
Searching the web when I came home I came across the video above. It is by Peter Ashley of Unmitigated England fame, who seems to have had much the same reaction as me.

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