Monday, November 21, 2011

Monk's furniture shop, Market Harborough

It is easy to take buildings in your home town for granted.

Monk's furniture shop in Market Harborough has a splendid tiled frontage - I have been keen on such things since visiting Jackfield - and a loving maintained painted advertisement on its side wall.


Wartime Housewife said...

It's gorgeous isn't it? You can also see a close up of the painted wall in Peter Ashley's pocket book 'Letters from England' which is all about lettering and signwriting. Right up your street.

wolfi said...

I really like those brick houses, hope that I'll have the chance to take my new wife around the beautiful English countryside some time.

Mikle said...

It was a beautiful evening for a stroll tonight, so I went down to one of my favourite places: Toronto's waterfront. Listening to the melee of languages, observing the broad mixture of people, I was thinking about upcoming travel plans, business issues, articles to write for the Columbia Full Over Full Bunk Bed, and many other things. I liken this feeling to a hamster on a wheel who's constantly spinning and moving. My brain was working overtime, which happens a lot when I think about the website and all the ideas and topics I'd like to write about.