Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Grant Shapps' Tory chairmanship is already a car crash

Grant Shapps' Conservative colleagues must look back fondly on Baroness Warsi as a safe pair of hands.

I blogged the other day about his many, er, misfortunes involving the internet - an area in which he likes to think of himself as something of an expert. Today came news of what look likes a major blunder he made while still a housing minister.

Over to Architects Journal:
In late 2011 former housing minister Grant Shapps slammed the contentious Pathfinder housing market renewal initiative - a £2.2 billion programme which once complete would have seen around 400,000 mainly Victorian homes and local landmarks in the North West flattened - as an ‘abject failure’. 
He subsequently unveiled a £35.5 million cash pot of capital grants which was to be shared between the 13 authorities, funding renovation work and assisting families ‘trapped in half-empty ghost streets’. 
However a Freedom of Information bid by SAVE revealed that the money was being channelled towards further demolitions and yesterday the organisation was granted leave by Mrs Justice Lang to bring full judicial review proceedings against the government.
Or as the standfirst on the Daily Telegraph telling of this story puts it:
Grant Shapps, the former Housing Minister, accidentally signed off a regeneration project without realising it would demolish the house in which Ringo Starr was born, a court heard today.
To be fair, the memo may have used long words or semicolons or something like that.

Meanwhile, Computer Active is asking if one of the internet businesses founded by Shapps is even legal.


Gawain said...

I really, really can't see that preserving the birthplace of Ringo - described once by John as 'not even the best drummer in The Beatles' - should be a priority in any housing decision.

Jonathan Calder said...

This a story about central government destroying communities, not one about Ringo Starr.