Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Pierre Trudeau's son to stand for leadership of Canadian Liberals

Yahoo! News Canada reports that Justin Trudeau, son of the former Canadian Liberal prime minister, is to stand for the leadership of the Liberal Party of Canada.

However, it  also reports a Canadian Liberal political analyst, Warren Kinsella, as expressing reservations about his candidacy:
"He would be the front-runner," Kinsella told Yahoo! Canada News in an email exchange. 
"But a lot of us Liberals don't want or need a coronation. We need a competitive race with lots of great, viable candidates and ideas. Justin needs that, too." 
Kinsella ... adds that Trudeau has the sizzle but needs the steak.
As my readers are so young these days, I had better tell you something about Pierre Trudeau's career. Yahoo! News Canada has a gallery of photographs from Justin Trudeau's life. Here he is as a little boy with his brother Alexandre and father.

And this is also an opportunity to remind you that Michael Ignatieff, a notably unsuccessful leader of the Canadian Liberals, is a kinsman of our own Nick Clegg.

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