Monday, October 29, 2012

My first polling station was in York

This is St Paul's Church of England Primary School in York, according to its website an "exciting and forward thinking school" with "around 166.6 pupils".

I shall leave that mystery for the present, as my reason for writing about the school it housed the first polling station at which I took numbers of a Liberal candidate. He was the late Julian Cummins, and that contest took place as part of the local elections of 1980. We lost narrowly to Labour.

The school is still used as a polling station for Holgate Ward, serving the terraced streets behind York station, though I cannot swear that was what the ward was called all those years ago.

Something else has changed since then. The school used to nearer the railway lines and, when voters were sparse, I would climb the stairs to the first-floor window on the far left of the photograph and watch the trains go by.

No, for once I am not misremembering: the railway really was closer to the school in those days. Since I was a student activist some of the goods lines around York station have been lifted and houses have been built on the land.

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