Sunday, October 14, 2012

Tories to make cash-for-seats offer to Lib Dems?

So George Parker reckons on the Financial Times site:
Senior Conservatives are plotting an audacious “cash-for-seats” offer to Nick Clegg, where the Liberal Democrat leader would back a Conservative-friendly Commons boundary review in exchange for millions in state funding for his party. 
Grant Shapps, Tory chairman, said on Sunday he had not “given up hope” of winning Mr Clegg’s support for the boundary review, which could give David Cameron 15-20 extra seats at the next election. 
Although Mr Shapps denied on the BBC’s Sunday Politics that talks were under way, senior Tory figures have told the Financial Times that they believe the cash-strapped Lib Dems would be susceptible to the offer.
I think it is better to be a party with MPs and no money than one with money and fewer MPs. And wouldn't such a deal make us look a little shabby?

Still, watch this space.

Later. Olly Grender has expressed deep scepticism about this story on Twitter.


Simon said...

I kind of disagree here. Party finance is important, so important that I think we have to overlook the fact that Lib Dem's banging on about it makes us look 'a little shabby' and I think that if it really is on the table then it may, by making politics more accessible to all smaller parties (especially UKIP tee hee hee) be a legitimate reason for redrawing boundaries.

Or, to put it another way, our opponents are always going to accuse us of selling out. Reform of party finance may just be an issue sufficiently important to risk strengthening their case for.

Anonymous said...

Doing anything in exchange for party funding is corrupt, full stop.

Unknown said...

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