Thursday, July 16, 2015

Congratulations to Tim Farron

For the first time since Paddy Ashdown was elected in 1988, I have voted for the successful candidate in a Liberal Democrat leadership election.

When the contest began I rather expected I would be voting for Norman Lamb, but in the end Tim's eloquence and background (provincial, comprehensive educated, one-parent family) called to me more.

I admired Norman's work on mental health as a minister, though we should not forget the role Paul Burstow played in this field.

But too many of the issues his campaign highlighted were, more than anything, chosen for the discomfort they would cause Tim.

And too many people who once told me I had to vote for Ming Campbell wrote to tell me I now had to vote for Norman.

I am not an admirer of Tim's variety of religion, but I suspect an Evangelist is just what the Liberal Democrats need at this stage in their history.

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