Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Tony Greaves and Liberal Democrat Voice

Tony Greaves has an article in the new issue of Liberator. You can download a PDF of it from the magazine's website and it is worth doing so.

He writes:
The new members can be a lifeline but only if they are encouraged to come forward with their talents and interests, and if they can become active by which I mean rather more than as automatons in a virtual phone bank.
In the course of the article Tony lets slip that he has been banned from Liberal Democrat Voice.

If you want to know why, then you will have to turn to a rather odd post on that blog. It consists entirely of reproduced tweets from one of the editorial team, none of which mentions Liberator. Some of the many comments are more enlightening on the matter,

I don't know if Tony Greaves deserves better than that, but I feel the readers of this semi-official blog do. If you are going to ban another member of your party, it seems a good idea to explain why in a conventional post if you are going to explain it at all.

This post on Lib Dem Voice reminds me of the peer who was so outraged by something I had written about her views in a pamphlet that she wrote an article for the party newspaper attacking it. As she could not bring herself to mention my name of the title of the pamphlet, I suspect she and I were the only two readers who had any idea what she was on about.

Featured on Liberal Democrat VoiceAnyway, if you want to read Tony's views in future it looks as though you will have to subscribe to Liberator. On balance, if people are rude to us we are more likely to publish them.

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