Friday, May 27, 2016

Yes, it's Chat-Show Tim

Charles Kennedy found that the path to public approval passed through chat-show studios. Now Tim Farron is taking it too.

The other day he appeared on Matt Forde's Political Party.(Me neither. Apparently it's something the young people listen to.)

You can hear how Tim did for yourself above.

He appears at around 19:30 if you find Forde's opening set palls after a while. He turns out to be a better interviewer than he is a comedian and Tim comes over very well.

And on Sunday he will be the latest guest on Ruth and Martin's Album Club.

That is a site where people are asked to listen to and write about a famous album they have somehow never heard.

Tim will be reacting to Straight Outta Compton by N.W.A.

Funnily enough Lord Bonkers recently wrote about the film of the same name - or at least something very like it:
Today I attend the Oakham premiere of a film I helped finance: ‘Straight Outta Nick Compton’. It tells the story of an opening batsman who is unjustly treated and records the controversial single “Fuck tha Selectors” as a result. I see from its evening edition that The High Leicestershire Radical (which I happen to own) has given it five stars.

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