Sunday, July 17, 2016

The Uglys: Wake Up My Mind

Steve Gibbons played this song when I heard him open for Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings here in Market Harborough in 2013.

He recorded it with his then band The Uglys in 1965. It was not a hit in the UK, but did very well in the charts in Australia and New Zealand.

The Brumbeat site quotes Gibbons as saying: "I played this huge harmonica on Wake Up My Mind that I'd bought from the market. It sounded just like an accordion."

And that sound makes it not only an early essay in social comment and psychedelia, but also one with a vaguely Continental tinge.

More about Steve Gibbons, a legend of the Birmingham music scene, on:

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asquith said...

Great, thanks! I'd never heard of Steve Gibbons until a few minutes ago, but I liked that and I'm off to see if I like the rest of his work.