Sunday, August 28, 2016

Morrissey: Now My Heart is Full

This is the opening track from Morrissey's 1994 album Vauxhall and I, which I regard as the best thing he has ever done - as a solo artist, at least.

And it seems Mozza agrees with me.

In a 1995 interview for, rather improbably, the University of Manchester Computer he said:
A year and a half after its release, what do you think of the lyrics of Vauxhall And I? 
I'm extremely proud of them. ... The lyrics of Vauxhall And I were terribly introspective, which is certainly not new for me - this record was nothing more than another inner trip. But before this record, I'd never known this feeling of fulfillment. An album on which not a track goes out of tune, on which every title is a perfect success. It was a new and terribly exciting emotion. Even on Your Arsenal - which I loved - there were one or two weak tracks. Vauxhall And I fits my idea of perfection. I couldn't make better.
And of Now My Heart is Full he says:
One of the symbolic tracks from Vauxhall And I, Now My Heart Is Full, claimed that your heart was full, that you felt fulfilled. Could you have written this song some years earlier? 
I don't think so. This song was the definitive expression of my change to adulthood, of my maturity. And, to be honest, I was very happy to be able to sing this text, to have reached this state. After this song I could perfectly retire: I've come full circle.
But he didn't retire: this live version comes from only a year ago.

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