Sunday, August 21, 2016

Six of the Best 620

"To get my vote when a substantive motion comes to conference in the Spring, abolishers will have to show how scrapping Trident will produce a large, practical effect on disarmament, without alienating the public whose support we Liberal Democrats will need if we are to help set Britain’s course." Greg Simpson looks forward to the party's debate on the renewal of Trident.

Is neighbourhood planning working? asks Nicholas Boys Smith.

Chris Cillizza is pleased that the comments sections on newspaper websites are on the way out. Why not tell me what you think of his article?

Pete Paphides celebrates Europop.

A lost 17th-century castle has been discovered in the Irish town of Clones, reports Hugh Linehan. It is four storeys high.

James Morgan accuses the England cricket selectors: "When England were whitewashed in the 2013/14 Ashes … the selectors … had a very simple, if not entirely easy, brief: find three new batsmen (one of which must be an opener), a new spinner and a new batsman-keeper. So how has it gone? Badly. That’s how."

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