Monday, September 20, 2004

Ooh, sounds a bit posh

One of the more depressing aspect of British life at the moment is the way that many people use the word "posh" to denigrate any activity that shows the slightest signs of education or a civilised attitude to life.

Perhaps people who talk like this think they are being left wing, but the idea that the good things in life should be confined to the wealthy is the most reactionary attitude there is.

And it has now reached its fullest development. The other day Ananova reported that a couple had decided to hold their wedding reception in a branch of Kentucky Fried Chicken because:
"We don't like all that poshness, so thought we'd have a KFC bucket. It was lovely."
So now it is posh to eat with a knife and fork.

As I frequently observe these days, the country is going to the dogs. (Or in this case, the chickens.)

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