Monday, December 13, 2004

Bill Cash not valued

From our you couldn't make it up department (via UKIPwatch).

UKIP is to oppose the notoriously anti-EU Tory MP Bill Cash at the next general election. Their deputy leader Mike Nattrass, a West Midlands MEP, has been chosen to fight Mr Cash's Stone seat.

Nattrass says of the Staffordshire MP:

So far, Mr Cash has been posing as a eurosceptic. Does he believe in the sovereignty of Parliament and the self-determination of the British electorate in all matters or does he believe that powers should be ceded to the EU?

If he believes in the former he should sign a UKIP membership application form immediately and fight the seat as a UKIP candidate.

Trivial fact: William Cash's political career has been aided by the family nametape fortune.

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