Saturday, January 22, 2005

Cleobury Mortimer: "Strife torn", "Plunged into chaos"

Forget Beirut or Baghdad. According to the Shropshire Star, it's Cleobury Mortimer we should be worrying about:

Two new rows have blown up in a strife-torn town near to the south Shropshire border, which was plunged into chaos when four parish councillors quit their local authority in protest.

The new rows blew up today in Cleobury Mortimer, which has been at the centre of a series of controversies during the past 18 months.

Those rows in full
Former parish councillor Jim Reynolds, who was sacked as editor of the town's Cleobury Bulletin newsheet (sic.), today refused to hand the publication over to the parish chairman.
The second row centred on parking after Councillor Griffiths was accused of blocking spaces along the High Street for a second time this week.
At least in Market Harborough we only have underground rivers to worry about.

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