Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Manners maketh man

As widely predicted, Conservative MP Jonathan Sayeed has been suspended from the House of Commons for two weeks.

This gives us the opportunity to have another snigger at the website of The English Manner Ltd, the company that got him in trouble with the Commons authorities. Here is part of the blurb for their "Seminars on Social Graces":

Etiquette is a word rarely used today. The idea of social niceties and proper protocol can seem prim and old-fashioned for the fast-paced world where we live and do business.

But many otherwise intelligent and educated individuals are lost when making a formal toast, hosting a dinner party—or even when choosing which fork to use. These people lack an important element for success in both their work and personal lives.

By coincidence, Manners is the family name of the Dukes of Rutland. Their seat Belvoir Castle hosts some of the company's events and resembles a less ambitious version of Bonkers Hall.

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