Monday, March 14, 2005

Safe Liberal Democrat seats

Simon Titley on Liberal Dissenter has posted a useful guide to websites devoted to the forthcoming general election.

One of the ones he lists is Vote 2005, which I mentioned here a while ago. It takes the form of a bulletin board, with a separate discussion devoted to each constituency. Some of these discussion are already on their fifth or sixth page; goodness knows how many there will be by the end of the campaign.

These discussions are divided into regions. Whenever a new posting is made, the discussion containing it goes to the top of that region's list. The result is that the constituencies there is a lot of debate about congregate at the top of the list, and the ones which are less exciting - in other words the safe seats - sink towards the bottom.

The striking thing is that there are many Liberal Democrat held constituencies amongst the boring safe seats at the bottom of each region. Another encouraging sign that a major Lib Dem presence in the Commons is here to stay.

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