Monday, March 27, 2006

Orange Book 2?

A throwaway line from an editorial in this morning's Guardian:
Some of this may come in a successor volume to the influential Orange Book, due out later this year.
Your read it here first. (Unless you read the Guardian, obviously.)


Joe Otten said...

So who knows whether it is all speculation, or whether some of it is actually rumour?

But I would buy it. I don't get so many readers since I stopped talking about the Orange Book.

James Graham (Quaequam Blog!) said...

If first there was the Yellow Book, and then we had the Orange Book, will this be a Red Book?

After then it is an inevitable slide towards True Blue. :)

Anonymous said...

Golden Book? Anyway, I hope they'd cover education in this volume. And it wouldn't hurt, if they wouldn't invite this time Steve Webb to introduce his socially conservative views.

Anonymous said...

And David Laws could read this criticism and the comments in order to avoid some mistakes he made last time. The biggest mistake was probably, that he didn't explain clearly enough, why a private health care system would be better, and how would it work.