Friday, December 01, 2006

You're sure of a big surprise

There is no doubt about the story of the day in the Shropshire Star:

Storm over ’swearing’ toy

Bosses at a Shropshire toy-making factory have defended a talking teddy bear which a customer accused of swearing.

Supermarket giant Tesco pulled the bears from the shelves at one of its Midland megastores after a customer complained.

Tesco chiefs have been investigating the claim to ensure it was a one-off. But bosses at Telford-based Golden Bears are adamant the toy does not swear.

Not that everything to do with teddy bears in Shropshire this is week is so amusing. On Monday the Merrythought factory in Ironbridge - Britain's answer to Steiff - closed down.

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Anonymous said...

You leave Shropshire alone - I grew up there.