Thursday, September 24, 2015

Six of the Best 540

"I handed in my Masters dissertation a couple of weeks ago ... I thought a summarised version of the key arguments would be of more interest than the whole thing." Congratulations to Nick Barlow, who argues that equidistance will help the Liberal Democrats win votes but not seats.

Joshua Lachkovic (a good man fallen among Liberal Reform) offers some thoughts from his first Liberal Democrat Conference.

"A working class lad from an ordinary working class estate in Preston, Lancashire, stood on a stage and did something new." Iain Donaldson was there too.

Chris Dillow says Jeremy Corbyn's 'people's quantitative easing' is no big deal.

US soldiers have been told to ignore the sexual abuse of boys by their Afghan allies. Joseph Goldstein reports from Kabul.

"Without wishing to sound full of self-pity, it is not easy being an English spin bowler at this moment in time. All we ever hear is that the cupboard is bare, but the simple truth is that we don't play in conditions that help young spinners to develop." Spare a thought for Ollie Rayner.

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