Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Harborough Labour try to disguise photo of their parliamentary candidate who joined the Tories

Top Harborough tweeter Solar Pilchard has shared this corner of a Labour election leaflet.

Look closely and you will see that they have tried to hide one of the people in the photo - he's the one wearing the red rosette.

Who is the mystery man?

Step forward Sundip Meghani, who was the Labour candidate for Harborough at the 2015 general election but has since joined the Conservative Party.

You can see the original photo below.

When he left Labour Meghani said:

After 20 years of activism and public service, I resigned recently as a Labour member. I could no longer belong to an organisation that had become institutionally racist and anti-Indian. 

I could not support a party that had embraced left-wing extremism and become detached from the lives of ordinary working people.

Stalin used to go in for this sort of thing, but maybe they should just have taken a new photo?

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