Wednesday, October 27, 2021

The lost world of Middlesex: A walk along the River Pinn

Another walk in the company of the amiable John Rogers. He describes it thus on YouTube:

The River Pinn rises on Harrow Weald Common and flows through Pinner, Ruislip, and Uxbridge to make its confluence with Frays River and run into the River Colne. It is one of the three main rivers of the old county of Middlesex. 

The Celandine Route starts at Bridge Street near the junction with Pinner High Street where the Pinn was dammed during WW2 to provide water to put out fires. We deviate from the course of the river to walk through Pinner Memorial Gardens and pick up the Pinn as it flows through Cuckoo Hill Allotments. 

The river takes us to the beautiful walled garden at Eastcote House which dates from the 17th Century and then to the ancient Ruislip Manor House with its majestic great barn which was built around the year 1300. There is also the remains of a Motte and Bailey Castle on the site.

The next site of interest we pass along the river is Pynchester Moat created sometime in the 13th or 14th Century and now slumbering in suburbia.

We finish the walk on the edge of Uxbridge at sunset. 

I lived in Eastcote as a toddler. These days I spend all my time caring for my mother and, talking to her, suspect that my earliest memory dates from those days. Thoroughly on-brand, it involves a railway train.

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