Friday, May 26, 2023

An online event to mark the republication of Malcolm Saville's Jane's Country Year

This online event from early last year marked the republication of Malcolm Saville's 1946 book Jane's Country Year by Handheld Press.

Taking part are:

  • Mike McGarry, co-author of Malcolm Saville, An Illustrated Bibliography
  • Hazel Sheeky Bird, author of the introduction to Handheld Press's edition of the book
  • Graeme Bowerman, grandson of Bernard Bowerman, the book's illustrator
  • Kate Macdonald from Handheld Press
As Mike McGarry says early on, this was Malcolm Saville's own favourite among the many books he wrote for children.

It is also one of his three early books that mentions Bevis by Richard Jefferies, and it even borrows an episode from that book - the visit to the witch's cottage.

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