Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Miserable bastards round up

Hampshire: A nursery school has been threatened with a noise abatement order after a neighbour complained that children playing in the garden were too noisy. The Jigsaw Nursery on Locks Heath Park Road, Hampshire, must reduce its noise. Fareham Borough Council has suggested to the school the children should play outside in the garden - landscaped with parents' money - for one hour per day.

Leicestershire: Youngsters in part of a Leicestershire town are being stopped from buying ice creams - because the local van has been banned from the streets. Wesley Wilkinson can no longer trade in the Meadow Lane area in Coalville. It followed claims the van was attracting youngsters who were causing trouble outside residents' homes and dropping litter in the area. North West Leicestershire District Council introduced a street trading ban after the complaints.

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