Friday, October 06, 2006

Politicians and clothing

I think we are beginning to see a pattern develop:
  • Jack Straw asks Muslim women to take their veils off;
  • Mark Foley asks teenage boys to take their shorts off.


Will said...

Now we just need to find out who asked Stephen Tall to take his shirt off.

Stephen Tall said...

I rarely need to be asked...

Stephen Glenn said...

That's what we were afraid off. ;-)

Will said...

Maf54: what you wearing

STall: My usual trendy gear.

Maf54: wish I could see that

STall: You'll be able to: I'm making a video for my blog.

Maf54: wow...thats hot

STall: Thanks.

Maf54: love to help you out of that t-shirt.

STall: No need, I've taken it off.

Maf54: thats a little horny

STall: Not really, I'm just doing some washing.

Maf54: cool