Sunday, November 04, 2007

Sandy Denny: Solo

Last Sunday I posted a video of Rock the Casbah by Rachid Taha. While I am still at the "I have just got broadband and isn't YouTube wonderful?" stage, let's turn that into a new tradition and have a regular Sunday video.

This one shows the incomparable Sandy Denny (who died in 1978 at the age of only 31) singing live in 1974, probably at Birmingham University according to a comment on Youtube. The picture quality is poor, but somehow the ghostly quality is appropriate for a lost artist like Sandy Denny.


Unknown said...

Ah - beautiful stuff.

Who knows where the time goes, eh?

Rob Fenwick said...

I was at Dave Pegg's 60th birthday concert in Brum on Saturday, and couldn't help but feel that (great though it was) it would've been so much better if Sandy was still alive!

Tristan said...

Aaah, Sandy.

Fantastic stuff... I've never heard such a fantastic voice.