Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The Fallen Idol: Bobby Henrey 60 years on

Two years ago I wrote about one of my favourite films: Carol Reed's The Fallen Idol from 1948.

One of the remarkable things about it is the performance Reed drew from the eight-year-old Bobby Henrey. The whole film appears to be on Youtube if you look, but this clip gives a taste of it.

As the article quoted in my earlier post said, when Henrey grew up spent his career as an accountant in America, before retiring to work as a hospital chaplain in Greenwich Village.

If you visit the Film Forum Podcasts site you can listen to a recording of a question and answer session with the now Robert Henrey, who must be in his mid sixties. There is not a trace of the cute French accent of the film, but maybe you can still detect a note of an English accent in his speech.

The Film Forum Podcasts offer plenty more to explore, including an interview with Isabella Rossellini about Blue Velvet.

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Anonymous said...

From Patrick:
Unless I heard the interview wrong, Henrey retired as a CPA and is now a hospital chaplain in Greenwich, Conn., not Greenwich Village (where he first lived in America).