Thursday, April 12, 2012

Harborough Conservatives want to keep dogs on the lead

You know how Conservatives are meant to be against red tape and petty regulations? That doesn't seems to apply here in Harborough.

From the Harborough Mail:
New control orders set to be introduced by Harborough District Council will make it illegal for owners to have their dogs off the lead in certain areas. 
The regulations include footpaths and cycleways – such as the Millenium (sic) Mile through Harborough – as well as grass verges, public sports pitches and car parks, cemeteries, churchyards and children’s play areas.
When I was a councillor back in the 1980s we brought in special dog walks in parks and play areas. Knocking on doors, I was impressed by the number of dog owners who also had young children and supported the move.

But this new idea from the Tory-run Harborough District Council seems a long way over the top to me.

And it has generated a campaign group to oppose it: Harborough Owners’ Walking Lobby.


Mark said...

Are you seriously suggesting that dogs should be allowed to run free on park football pitches and in designated childrens play areas, which is what the MH Tories are proposing.

All dogs, when walking alongside a road should be on a lead. However well trained Dexter is, he's just as likely to run across the road after a cat that runs in front of him as any other dog. Any dog owner who thinks otherwise is seriously deluded.

Dog trainers, and sensible dog owners I've met have all agreed on this - 'On the pavement / on the leash'.

And what's the problem with walking your dog on the lead when on the pavement anyway? The dog doesn't mind, so we're really only talking here about the incovenience of the owner.

And if 'HOWL' want to set a good example to less responsible dog owners, surely they should be demonstrating good dog management.

Anonymous said...

Like Mike I can't see what is objectionable about this measure.

Dog Control Orders are in force in many councils, as a little googling will reveal.