Saturday, April 14, 2012

Ladies of Means and Beasts of Burden

I blogged recently that Nina Boyd is researching a group of wealthy ladies who were committed antivivisectionists - one of them Nora Logan, the daughter of the Liberal MP for Harborough J.W. Logan.

Nina has now written a little more about this project on her website:
I am researching a group of women who committed their lives to animal welfare. They lived and worked together from the beginning of the twentieth century until the last of them died in the 1960s. 
Margaret Damer Dawson, Nora Logan, Nina Duchess of Hamilton and Brandon, Lizzie Lind af Hageby, Leisa Schartau and Berthe Delius were all talented women, wealthy enough to be able to remain single (only the Duchess of Hamilton married) and pursue their passion for an end to vivisection and other forms of animal cruelty. 
Their public activities are reasonably well documented. Any information about the personal lives of these six women would be welcomed.
You can email Nina Boyd via her website.

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