Friday, May 31, 2013

Where that Nigel Farage for Sheffield Hallam rumour came from

Last night I attempted to pour cold water on the rumour that Nigel Farage will stand against Nick Clegg in Sheffield Hallam at the next general election.

What I did not know was where that rumour came from. So thanks to Asa Bennett for sending me the link to his post on LondonlovesBusiness (and for linking to this blog there too).

Asa writes:
Rumours about the UKIP leader’s Parliamentary intentions for Clegg’s Sheffield Hallam seat were set alight on Wednesday night when London cabbie Neil Johnson, after having one of Farage’s “inner circle” in the back of his cab, tweeted that “Nigel Farage is going up against Nick Clegg…” ... 
Speaking to on Twitter, Johnson said he had picked up the member of Farage’s team from Smith Square and took him to Paddington station. UKIP’s London presence is in Europe House on Smith Square, the current headquarters of the European Commission and the former HQ of the Tory party. 
According to Johnson, the Farage confidante explained that the UKIP leader’s potential challenge to Clegg would be a “no lose situation” as if he won he would become a “bigger hero”.

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Paul Walter said...

Did he also mention that he'd had that T.S.Eliot in the back of the cab once?