Sunday, June 01, 2014

Mott the Hoople: All the Young Dudes

As I am in Shrewsbury, it seems right to choose Ian Hunter, the town's greatest gift to rock, for my Sunday music video.

Here is Ian Hunter fronting Mott the Hoople on a song kindly given to them by David Bowie.

Legend has it that Mott the Hoople were the only band Queen ever supported.

And the name? It is taken from an otherwise forgotten 1966 novel by Willard Manus.


Paul said...

I saw Mott at the Hammersmith Odeon/Apollo a couple of years ago. It was a Friday night on a working day.

When they sang "All the young Dudes" a large number of people in the audience - looking like a delegation of 50-something bank managers - stood up and joined in with gusto. There's life in those old dogs yet!

Steve Comer said...

Sorry to be pedantic, but I thought Ian Hunter was from Oswestry, and the rest of the original band were from Hereford?
I certainly remember seeing them at a 'homecoming' gig at Hereford Utdfootball club in 1971....(Before either of them were really famous!), I was still at school at the time mind!