Monday, February 23, 2015

The Garden Street Island, Leicester

The Garden Street Island is a block of shops and a cottage on Belgrave Gate in the centre of Leicester. It was due to be pulled down for redevelopment, but after a campaign the city council has served a issue an Article 4 Direction.

This means that the historic status of the buildings has been acknowledged and planning permission will have to be sought for any alterations.

The Evington Echo explains the Garden Street Island's importance:
This group of shops, cottages and outhouses were built c1815-30 and are typical of Leicester in the early C19th century. Although they are not architectural masterpieces, these buildings are an important part of Leicester’s social history. 
What makes the Garden Street Island special is that it includes slums that escaped demolition in 1931. These one up one down cottages are on Garden Street and the former Garden Street Square (Court C, Garden Street). Apart from Cramant Cottages in King Street, these are the last surviving slums in Leicester. They are the only ones remaining which face onto a street. 
The shops on Belgrave Gate are also an important part of the street scene and their demolition would also be a particular loss to the individual character of the City and its history. Linnett’s hairdressers and perfumery at 124 –126 Belgrave Gate was in business in 1835. Next door was the long defunct Brewer’s Arms.
I went to photograph the properties on Saturday, and here they are in all their glory.

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Gawain said...

mmmm. "Save our slums". Not a flag that will rally many. Surely a photograph will suffice