Monday, May 18, 2015

In which I pass the Homophobic Monk twice

Leicester Crown Court, Wellington Street
© Copyright Mat Fascione
I passed a figure in robe and sandals on the way to work this morning and wondered.

At lunchtime, when he was also furnished with an umbrella, I passed him again and was sure.

It was the Homophobic Monk!

Remember him? He even has his own label on this blog.

The Leicester Mercury explains his presence in the city:
A 'monk' who posted an allegedly homophobic leaflet and a letter to two women at their home in Leicester has appeared in court to face a harassment charge. 
Damon Jonah Kelly, 53, appeared at Leicester Magistrates' Court yesterday in a black full-length robe to face a single charge of harassment. 
He is accused of posting an offensive leaflet to the women's home, confronting the recipients in the street and sending them a letter, which was also said to contain allegedly homophobic content, two weeks later.
Note the cruel scare quotes the Mercury puts around 'monk'.

According to Church Militant, Kelly is on of a group called the Black Hermits.

They were first welcomed into the 'diocese of Corby' (I suspect the website means Northampton) but now face eviction from the Corby presbytery where they have been living.

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