Sunday, November 01, 2015

Welcome to the new Liberal Democrat bloggers

Three new blogs appeared on the LibDemBlogs aggregator in October. Thanks to Ryan Cullen for sending me the details.

Lanarkshire Liberal is written by Joanne Ferguson. She has written on New Order and the Klux Klan, but proved she understands Liberal Democrat blogging by writing about Doctor Who:
If the Doctor becomes a woman and the first few minutes tank, it will be very difficult to repair the disappointment that personal attachment to such a famous fictional character will result in. And I just don't know if I have confidence in Steven Moffat enough to trust him with such a task. Yes, he may have done well this time, but second time round is not good enough.
LibDemHAME is written by Dawud Islam. His most recent post is an important one, calling on the party to take the Oldhan West and Royton by-election seriously:
This is exactly the sort of northern seat that we need to be coming second in if we are to seriously challenge again at the next election. There is a large base of activists already in Oldham, Rochdale and Heywood and the rest of Greater Manchester is just a tram ride away. It should be easy to get motivated activists flooding into the constituency.
London Liberal Blog is written by Martin Wilson.It covers the issues of the day like tax credits and the Privy Council, and here it is on Lord Ashcroft;s book:
Of course the third salacious (and almost certainly false) allegation along with some other stuff about drugs and the Chipping Norton set, means that Cameron’s lot can simply ‘not dignify the book with a response’. However ‘Call me Dave’ has yet to reply to the more concerning allegations about Lord Ashcroft, his tax status, how he makes appointments to Cabinet, and £8 million.
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