Monday, October 03, 2016

The return of the Rutland Panther

Important news from the Rutland & Stamford Mercury:
A pair of cyclists believe they spotted the elusive Rutland panther while out for a ride yesterday evening. 
Tim Bateman and son Harry, 16, were on the road between Teigh and Market Overton when they saw the mysterious beast prowling in a field. 
It was black, had a long tail and was seen chasing a pheasant at great speed through long grass. 
Tim, who lives in Market Overton, said: “At first I thought it could be a deer, or perhaps a dog, but it was so fast and agile I’m convinced it was the Rutland panther.
I note the sighting took place near Teigh. Could it have been the spirit of the Revd Henry Stanley Tibbs they saw haunting the fields?

Meanwhile in Shropshire, a 'Flying Dorito UFO' has been spotted by a walker on The Wrekin.

Strange days indeed.

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Phil Beesley said...

The diet of these alleged escapees intrigues me. Have they turned vegetarian or do they live on rabbits? Three bunnies a night? How is it that no sheep or pony carcasses turn up?